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Our tumble classes are meticulously organized into skill categories using a leveling system, ensuring focused instruction tailored to each athlete's skill level. These structured classes are conducted weekly and last for one hour. During tumble classes, athletes will receive comprehensive guidance on mastering skills corresponding to their level, along with emphasis on enhancing flexibility, strength, and confidence.

Discover the art of flexibility and strength-building in our Stretch and Flex classes, designed to hone the skills necessary for flying. While the primary emphasis is on enhancing flyer flexibility, these sessions also provide invaluable benefits for various facets of cheerleading including tumbling, jumps, and injury prevention. All enthusiasts are warmly welcomed to join, regardless of their skill level or stunt position!

Elevate your cheerleading game with our specialized Strength and Conditioning classes. Led by Coach Lauren, these sessions are tailored to empower cheerleaders as athletes, targeting specific muscle groups crucial for skill progression. Whether you're aiming to enhance your stunts, jumps, or overall performance, our classes provide the comprehensive training you need to excel in the sport.

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Lists provided below include examples of the skills taught in each class. They are NOT all inclusive.

Level 1

Forward/Backward Rolls



Front Walkovers

Back Walkovers

*Entry Level, no requirements to attend*

Level 2

Roundoff Backhand Spring

Back Walkover Backhand Springs

Standing Backhand Spring

Series Backhand Springs

*Must have all Level 1 skills to attend*


Level 3

Roundoff Backhand Spring Tuck

Punch Fronts


Front Handspring Punch Fronts

*Must have all Level 2 skills to attend*


Level 4

Round Off Back Handspring Layout

Back Walkover Tucks

Standing Back Handspring Tucks

Punch Front Stepouts

Whips/Tuck Throughs

*Must have all Level 3 skills to attend*


Level 5/6

Round Off Backhand Spring Fulls

Standing Fulls


Round Off Backhand Spring Double Full

*Must have all Level 4 skills to attend*


Fame Stafford is by far the best program in the area! The love and support these coaches show to not only their athletes, but the families too, is one of a kind. It is truly a family environment. Our family was blessed to be with these coaches for 11 years. The life lessons that they taught my daughter were priceless! As she has emerged into a college student, we continue to see the benefits of what they instilled in her. We are forever grateful for their dedication to the development of their athletes, both on and off the mat, and the support they provide families!”

-Courtney Harris


THIS PROGRAM IS MORE THAN JUST A CHEER GYM. From the top to the bottom, it is filled with compassion, love, leaders, and individuals who just love your kids and families whole heartedly without judgement. Through the storms they stand with you, through the health battles the stand with you, and through the most epic moments of your life they stand with you. Very rarely do you find owners and coaches who will hold you down or your children. Not once, but twice have we had a major health scare. Though I wanted to walk through it all alone Faith and Bekkie reminded me that I am NOT alone. See its more than just cheer! That just does not bleed from the top, but also all the way down to the athletes and families. If you know me and my kids you know we are quiet and loving. One of the most things I have felt to my soul is that the coaches know my child just as much as I do and that means something. To know an athlete and their comfort is huge and speaks to the heart. That means that each and every athlete at FAME matters, my kids matter. There are 2 places other than home where my kids feel their cup overflowing and that’s church and here at the cheer gym. They love it and every coach and owner here. Some of the best memories have been made, the most amazing friendships. My grandmother recently came to a pep rally and she left with tears because she said you can feel the love in that building. It's more than just a cheer gym . It's home and FAMILY, and we love it here!”

- Mona Vann